An Afghan Designer Introduces His Fashion Brand to Dublin

Matin Salim inspecting his stock, laid out on the bed of his rented home in Swords. Salim launched his fashion brand, Abra, a few years ago, in 2018.

Matin Selim and his business partner, Fardin Hayati, discussing work and the upcoming shoot, which is the first time they will be launching their clothes in Ireland. Fardin, who also fled Afghanistan after the Taliban takeover, handles the sales and marketing side of the business.

Accessorizing the clothes. Matin Salim created the Abra brand to show authentic Afghan identity, he says. He wanted to add modern touches to traditional Afghan fashion. Everything is sewn and embroidered by hand.

Dressing the model, Gillian Callaghan, for the shoot at Dublin Castle. Matin and Fardin used to have a shop in Kabul. They are now trying to find a market for the designs in Ireland.

Matin and Fardin prepare the model for the shoot with hair and make-up touch-ups.

Matin Selim takes a photo for his social media. The duo hired an Irish model to wear their clothes, to let people here see that the designs can work for everyone.

Gillian Callaghan models a dress designed with typical Afghan patterns and colours.

The best way to reach Selim Matin about his designs is through his Instagram account.

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Barialai Khoshhal: Barialai Khoshhal is a documentary photographer and videographer. His works has been published by the Associated Press, BBC, ITV London, Aljazeera English, and the Diplomat magazine. You can find more of his work at

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Nesam Halim
at 16 March at 15:00

Really enjoyed the article. The photos are amazing and of high quality. I would in be interested to read more about afghan cultures. Traditional afghan fashion has many sides to explore.

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