The Dead Friends: Episode 6

Dave Lordan staggers into Gatsby’s “niteclub” in search of a girl, and straight into an encounter with hell, in the sweaty and heart-thumping finale of this six-part podcast memoir.

Missed the earlier episodes? Start at the beginning with episode 1 here on our website. Or find The Dublin Inquirer Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher and listen there.

If you like hallucinations, true ghost stories, demonology, guerrilla warfare, shipwrecks, the Virgin Mary, Sam Maguire, Robert Smith, Tom Barry, Dub Reggae, Diesel Hash or Champagne Cider, this is the podcast for you.

Dave Lordan portrait
Dave Lordan

Dave Lordan is a multimedia writer, performer, & educator from County West Cork whose entertaining and provocative work has always had a community/social-movement focus and a sharply radical edge. Check out his poems/stories/videos at youtube.com/davelordan, facebook.com/davelordancreativity and davelordan.com.



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