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This month’s  cover is “Night Chips” by Ruan van Vliet, featuring a leprechaun busker-guy taking a break from his arduous duties to indulge in his hard-earned, greasy “pot o’gold”.

Synthesizing aesthetics of counter-cultural comics, children’s TV and shambolic/naive/folk artworks is Ruan’s thing. The effect is a colourful whimsy that’s always simple, hilarious and whip-smart.

When he’s not making art, Ruan is cooking, cycling, swimming or drumming with lots of Dublin-based bands like Squarehead, Cryboys, and Lie Ins.

You can see Ruan’s art on Dublin shop windows, T-shirts, jumpers, pins, patches, buttons, lots of album covers, book covers, posters, and whatever else you’re having. Oh and even in the National Print Museum. Or just go to to have a look.

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