Zoë's Dublin Diary: Anticapitalism, Bob Dylan Photos, Kerry Guinan #GE16

Wednesday, 10 February – Anticapitalism, 19:00, Free, the Lord Edward

What does taking an anticapitalist stance mean to us today? What strategies can one follow, and what actions can one take? Can or should any aspects of capitalist innovation be harnessed? The Dublin Jacobin Reading Group are back for their third meeting of the year in the Lord Edward this today. Brush up on some opposing views here and here. Facebook event here.

Thursday, 11 February – Anyone’s Brother: Vigil for Caoilte O Broin, 19:00, Kildare Street

We’ve come some way from the silence and stigma that have surrounded mental-health issues in Ireland, but de-stigmatisation and reform are not one and the same, and we have some way to go before patients are treated as people. Caoilte O Broin’s family are seeking legislative change so that sufferers of mental-health issues and addiction don’t fall through the massive fissures in our system, and they will be holding a candlelit vigil outside Government Buildings on Thursday. Facebook event here.

Friday, 12 February  Twin Headed Wolf Album Launch, 20:00, €16.69, Dublin Unitarian Church

By Darren Mc Kenna

Recorded in the Emanuel Vigeland Mausoleum in Oslo this January, the vocals in Twin Headed Wolf’s The Long Decay (Songs From a Tomb) are made especially otherworldly through the echo of the barrel-vaulted, 800-square-metre chamber. The sisters will be launching their new recordings in the Dublin Unitarian Church, accompanied by the playful stage antics and offbeat humour they’re known for. Facebook event here, tickets here.

Saturday, 13 February – Sophie Cooper // Tor Invocation Band // Wry Myrrh // DJ Christine Kelly, BYOB, Steambox

Sophie Cooper is touring the country with Tor Invocation Band this February, starting off in Steambox. Her approach is experimental, and she plays with elements from psychedelic pop and drone textures, accompanied by her own ethereal vocals. With her on the night will be Jake Blanchard as Tor Invocation Band and Irene Buckley and Ellen King collaborating as Wry Myrrh. Facebook group here.

Sunday, 14 February  Bob Dylan, NYC 1961-64, 13:00-18:00, Free, Gallery of Photography

What makes Ted Russell’s newly unveiled collection of early Bob Dylan images so interesting isn’t necessarily the new imagery we have to add to the Dylan mythos, but the prominence of his partner, civil-rights activist Suze Rotolo, who had a major impact on the development of his political stance. Curated by Chris Murray, the photographs feature a youthful Greenwich Village, and a Dylan still working in obscurity. More info here.

Monday, 15 February  Kerry Guinan General Election Press Conference, 17:00, Temple Bar Gallery

Class structures regulate the way we engage with ourselves, with each other and with the art that we create and consume. Kerry Guinan is standing as an independent in this election, with the aim of liberating art from class. Among other things, she’s calling for progressive taxation of art workers and a redistribution of wealth, state provision for art facilities and the abolition of educational barriers to art work. Facebook event here.

Tuesday, 16 February  The Survivalist, 20:50, €9, IFI

Post-apocalyptic worlds are an inexhaustible source of fantasy and fear. In Stephen Fingleton’s imagining, a nameless man lives in solitude, tending his crops and guarding his forest shack, until a woman and her daughter arrive with a bargain, and an unsteady balance of power is brokered. Actors Olwen Fouéré  and Martin McCann will attend the screening on 12 February, which will be followed by a Q&A. Details here.

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Zoe Jellicoe: Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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