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Issue 14: By Karen Vaughan

This month’s cover is by Karen Vaughan, an illustrator and designer with a love for pen and ink. Her style is decorative and detailed, and inspired by her love of old folk tales, intricate patterns and nature. You can see more of her work at kvaughan.com or at instagram.com/karenvaughan.

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Issue 10: By Louise Rowland

Hi I’m Lou. My illustration for this month’s cover, “Hinge”, is concerned with the issue of homelessness in Dublin, and the increasing number of people losing their homes today. The number of people whose future well-being hinges on the control and decisions of others is absurd. Something needs change. I am a freelance, multi-discipline illustrator […]

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Issue 9: By Holly Pereira

This illustration is about Christmas office parties, and the inherent madness of combining work colleagues and a free bar. As a freelancer, I’ve been spared the dreaded Christmas party for a couple of years, but I do have memories of making awful small talk over cremated spring rolls. The wine is warm, the boss is […]

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Issue 8: By Rob Gavin

Brave pedestrians, continuous roadworks, and late arrivals. You’ve probably encountered one or all of these inconveniences recently. While the issue of traffic congestion within Dublin city remains ongoing, the rest of us seem to be going, well, nowhere. This month’s cover illustration is by Rob Gavin. He is an illustrator and designer based in Dublin […]

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Issue 7: By Rob Torrans

“For this illustration, I simply wanted to show some of the beauty that can be found around Dublin in autumn, while also acknowledging that this seasonal beauty is only skin-deep and all of our flaws are still lurking beneath. Beware of secret autumn crap.” Rob Torrans is an illustrator and designer from Bray in Co. […]

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Issue 6: By Vicky Knysh

This illustration is about the high-rents game in Dublin. It is especially hard for newcomers, who have no choice but to live somewhere and have to pay whatever the market says. It is even harder for families with children: almost the full salary of one of the partners goes for the rent, and they can’t really […]

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Issue 5: By Robin Fuller

This is an isometric projection of one of my favourite Dublin buildings – Fitzwilton House, designed by Emanuel Shoolheifer and Don Burley and completed in 1969. Fitzwilton House is due to be demolished, as are several other Dublin buildings from around this time – including the much-hated Hawkins House and the (unjustly) equally loathed Apollo House. Dublin […]

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Issue 4: By John Rooney

I had to approach this illustration with great caution as I have probably never worked on anything political or topical before. To be given a chance to produce a meaningful piece of artwork to be viewed by the public was perhaps the main the reason I approached the Dublin Inquirer. This idea came from the […]

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Issue 3: By Rob Mirolo

As somebody who makes their living drawing pictures, words aren’t exactly my strongest asset, so I’ll keep this short. This piece is about women not being listened to. It’s a piece about a society that allows everybody to decide what’s best for women except women. It’s a piece about “feminist” bros who think they know […]