Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Siobhan Shovlin

Fine Gael candidate for Cabra-Glasnevin

As a young teacher renting in our city I recognise the importance of having affordable homes.

–It is important that Dublin City Council work to ensure that vacant properties in our city are refurbished and made available as homes. We must take steps to address the reasons as to why there are so many vacant properties and ensure that they become available for individuals and families.

–I will ensure that Dublin City Council plan and spend their budget allocation so we can deliver and meet the housing demands in our city.

–I come from a community in Donegal which has successfully introduced a sheltered housing project for the elderly. If we had more projects like this available in our communities it would provide suitable accommodation for those hoping to move into alternative housing and free up larger homes which may actually be unsuitable for those living there.


As a renter in our city I recognise the need for affordable rental accommodation. In order to do this we must take steps to increase supply in the rental sector.

–Ensure that derelict and vacant properties are refurbished and made available.

–Increase the supply of housing by constructing both private and social housing.

–Support the ongoing work in relation to rent-restriction zones.


In order to address homelessness, more homes must be built.

–If elected to Dublin City Council I will work to ensure there is an increase in the number of social housing being built and refurbished as homes.

–Implement and support Housing First across our city to enable clients to obtain homes with a range of off-site supports.

–Liaise and work closely with our government in ensuring that the concerns and issues of our local area are represented.


It is very important that vacant properties in our city are refurbished and made available to house individuals and families and this is something which I will push in Dublin City Council. This will not only provide housing but it will also make our area a better neighbourhood. Dublin City Council run the very successful Dublin City Neighbourhood Awards and so it is important as a councillor that I push property improvement programmes like this. I will ensure that this work continues.


Our community has seen huge investment in public transport with the new Luas line to Broombridge, which makes the area more accessible. There will be continued investment with the Metro North and the development of a new train station for Pelletstown. These projects will help to improve the public transport infrastructure in our area. It is also important that cycle lanes and pathways such as along the canal are improved in terms of surfacing and safety to encourage commuters to use as a means of transport in our city. If elected to Dublin City Council I hope to work closely with the local community to ensure the needs of our area are met in relation to public transport infrastructure and the concerns and issues of locals are addressed in the process.


I am serious about addressing climate change and as a result it is important that I ensure our city has the necessary infrastructure in place to encourage cycling as a sustainable-transport option.

–I will work hard to ensure that the canal is a safe option for both pedestrians and cyclists to use as this is something which the residents of the Cabra-Glasnevin ward have brought to my attention.

–Consult with cyclists and cycling groups in order to plan for infrastructure that would mean safe cycling for all ages and abilities.

–Ensure that current cycle lanes are maintained and developed and provide additional bike racks in our community.

–Recognise and promote cycling as a sustainable transport option as well as a leisure pursuit.


I am very passionate about our environment and much of my work in this area is carried out in close collaboration with the Green Schools Programme. I am the lead coordinating teacher in piloting a Green Flag for Biodiversity and Food. Some of the work I have been involved with includes – Spring Clean-Ups, energy workshops for children and raising awareness of plastic pollution in our oceans through art.

I have been involved in a community centre called the Dolmen Centre which is a green energy building and the first of its sort in Ireland. I believe we can take lead from projects like this and ensure that public buildings meet energy needs through renewable sources. If elected to Dublin City Council I hope to promote the use of renewables across our city – in particular in schools and government buildings.

I will ensure that there are more bins in our communities to address the litter issue in our city.

In addressing climate change I believe it is important to encourage people to travel the "green way". This is something which could be carried out in close collaboration with schools as if we are encouraged to use public transport and greener methods to travel to school it would be of huge benefit for all citizens.

I hope to work closely with the Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment to successfully tackle climate change and roll out new ideas/initiatives in our capital city to combat climate change.


The litter problem is something which I care a lot about and I believe it is important that we tackle this issue in order to make our city a more beautiful place.

–Continue to participate in and support the Dublin City Better Neighbourhoods, which rewards communities/organisations for keeping their areas clean and continually improving them.

–Continue to support and participate in the An Taisce Spring Clean-Up initiative.

–Raise awareness of the above issues through campaigns and advertisements throughout our city.

–Ensure collection banks are well serviced and maintained.

–Provide more bins and dog waste bins in our communities.

–Roll out of educational programmes for primary and secondary schools to strengthen the work already being carried out in schools.


As well as ensuring the provision of parks and green spaces in communities it is also key that these areas are maintained as safe places for us to enjoy. It is important that we continue to enhance what is already in place and make improvements to these spaces. I will continue to encourage planting of trees and utilise unused and available space so we can enjoy the benefits of more green spaces in our city.


As a first-time candidate and someone who teaches in the area I am aware of the importance of public spaces in our community for families and individuals to enjoy.

–I will work to improve the number of public spaces in existing and developing residential areas in our city.

–As building works continue across our city it is important that there are public spaces available for residents in these communities when such projects are completed.

–Support and participate in the Dublin City Neighbourhood Awards to make our area a nicer place by working to continually improve our spaces.

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