Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Shane Folan

Labour candidate for Donaghmede

By proposing motions in City Hall, and by lobbying government officials to increase the amount of social and affordable homes. This can be done by using the land the state owns already to build houses, and using CPOs to turn vacant buildings into homes for us all.


Supporting any motion that calls for rent caps and lobbying government for the same.


The state needs to build on its own land and turn long-term vacant houses into social housing. As above, I will support and propose motions on building strong affordable housing.


Something I think should be done, would be to increase the vacant-site levy. Unused land does indeed have a cost for those who hoard it, but the cost needs to be higher.


Lobby for a carbon tax which could be ringfenced to improving our public transport, by increasing the amount invested in it each year. The cost of public transport as well needs to be kept low, and a carbon tax can help keep the cost at point of use very low indeed.


As a cyclist I know how important this will be for our city in the years ahead. I will use my position as councillor to ensure that all Part VII road developments include spaces for cycling, and that existing cycle lanes are maintained and improved so that cycling becomes a realistic option for all.


Proposing motions on Dublin City Council to make Dublin a green city, and supporting environmentally friendly and renewable-energy-based planning proposals.


An increase of bins is needed, and where possible, giving the public the option of recycling bins alongside general waste so that people can recycle on the fly. The city council’s “Green Dog Walker” scheme needs to be advertised a bit more, which has proven successful in other local authorities in Scotland and I would aim to make this more known, perhaps also making dog waste bags more readily available in public.


I will use my position in the council to ensure that new developments are either near green space as it is, or include green space as an integral part of the development. Building houses alone does not solve this crisis. Building communities will.


I will vote against any proposal that sells off public land. State land needs to remain in state hands or else development won’t be public orientated or community led.

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