Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Sarah Lipsett


Make it more attractive to home owners to rent their homes or a room in their homes. Offer tax incentives. Also the amount of vacant housing needs to be addressed in the area. This can be utilised. Grants can be made available to owners or further incentives to utilise the empty homes all around the Rathmines-Rathgar-Kimmage area.


This will come if supply increases. It's simple economics, if supply increases prices will go down. This must be addressed. The number of landlords have dropped in the last five years, this must be questioned and examined.


This issue goes further than housing increases, the reasons behind homelessness is often addiction and other social factors. The government must increase its mental-heath services to cater for homeless affected by mental health. The second type of homeless is families and individuals who can no longer afford housing. Both types of homelessness needs to be identified and addressed.


This is essential in Dublin City and Kimmage-Rathmines, due to lack of space and housing needs close to city centre. Tax incentives need to be offered to those who cannot afford to upgrade and rent these properties, such as elderly and retired. Secondly developers who are leaving them vacant must be penalised and given stricter timelines if leaving vacant for development.


I cycle to work, and see the need for more cycle lanes. I enjoy cycling but it needs to be made safer. Further, the Dublinbikes scheme is excellent but needs to be extended to include Dublin 6. Further the number of buses in rush hour need to be increased. Buses pass me by full at 8am. This is not good for the area.


Again more cycle lanes needed. Widen roads and have clear marking for bikes. Extend Dublinbikes stations to Dublin 6. I cycle to work, and drop my daughter to crèche on the bike.


Promote the use of public transport and cycling. Have more recycling centres and bottle banks.


Dog poo is a serious issue for those with young kids, buggies and wheelchair users. Serious fines must be upheld and signs posted. Further, dogs need to be kept on leads, as this identifies owners and makes our neighbourhoods safer.


Parks and green spaces are what makes a neighbour desirable and enjoyable to live in. They provide relaxation and a place to unwind. Every council must ensure they are kept clean and have facilities.


Planning regulations when new developments are built must also make room for green spaces. See the need to make space enjoyable, by providing parks and playgrounds and mini-gyms and benches. Also to ensure these green spaces are kept safe and clean by imposing fines if not kept in good condition.

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