Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Richard Murray


Insure that in Dublin City Council's annual budget, adequate money was allocated to social and affordable housing.


I would campaign for a rent ceiling where landlords could only charge a certain amount per room in a property no matter where the location.


Take as many properties under control of our banks and hand them over to local authorities.


Issue a fine that would increase each month it was not paid and after a certain amount of time the property comes under control of a local authority.


Have small buses run into areas with an ageing population linking them to the main bus routes.


Encourage more people to avail of existing infrastructure and insure they are properly maintained.


More information and awareness is needed on this issue, so a door-to-door campaign telling residents how they can help reduce climate change.


More litter and dog poo bins in our parks and streets and investment in waste enforcement and litter wardens.


Combat the use of scramblers and quids in our green spaces by seizing them and destroying them.


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