Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Naoise Ó Muirí

Fine Gael candidate for Clontarf

I will work with the city council to unlock more of its own lands, making it available for affordable public-housing development. The city council should no longer consider low-density (two-storey) public housing – higher density affordable apartment schemes are the way forward. I will also apply pressure to central government to provide a streamlined finance scheme for affordable apartment purchase that will underpin finance at good value to the affordable buyer.


Once again, overall supply of accommodation units is critical. At the start of this council I worked hard to build political support for the use of "rapid-build" technology in order that housing units could be brought on stream quicker. There has been some successes with this technology within the city, but the use of volumetric building has enormous potential for our city.


Dublin City Council/Dublin Region Homeless Executive work hard to try and maximise the chances of homeowners/tenants staying in their existing homes and I fully support their efforts. Additional public-housing supply as outlined above should increase the options available for dealing with what are very difficult situations for families.


I support the Vacant Sites Levy but I don't perceive this issue as being widespread across the city – in my experience it tends to be a localised problem.


I support the overall thrust of the BusConnects project and in particular the proposal to create a high-frequency corridor on the Malahide Road. It is important, however, that key local services like the 14 and the 123 are retained and integrated into BusConnects as they are much used and valued by local communities. I will apply pressure on the NTA to introduce new buses onto the city bus network and additional carriages particularly at peak times for the Dart.


I'm on the consultative committee of the Fairview Cycleway and look forward to seeing a good design come to fruition; there will be disruption during construction but it will be worth it in the end. It is also a project that will bring great public-domain improvements to the Fairview/Marino area. I will also be pursuing the "missing link" connecting Amiens Street to the river. I also support the Liffey Cycleway and look forward to seeing the results of the latest public consultation. I'm unconvinced as to the viability of rolling DublinBikes deeper into the north and south city, but I would be greatly support a rolling programme of Sheffield-stand installations and I will seek this.


As a "fietser" I will continue to support cycling as a great sustainable transport option. I want Dublin City Council to take a much more active and comprehensive role in terms of assessing and monitoring air quality around our city – the existing monitoring network needs investment and expansion. I will seek on-shore power provision by Dublin Port to eliminate the requirement for cruise liners to generate power using their diesel engines while in port. Finally, Dublin City Council has recently approve a Climate Action Plan covering its own activities and I will push to ensure this is implemented.


I support CCTV-based "name and shame" campaigns for persistent illegal dumping offenders at known dumping hot-spots in our city. We also need a much stronger enforcement regime for dealing with a small minority who don't clean up after their dogs – possibly involving greater use of the infamous dog licence. This will require primary legislation and I will lobby for this.


My side of the city is reasonably well served with green spaces, e.g. St Anne's Park, Fairview Park etc. I would like to see the public involved in the development of conservation-management plans for all key parks so that they are carefully conserved and managed in line with the public good. There is also an opportunity for a volunteer Parks Corps to work with Dublin City Council Parks to enhance our parks. We also need to open up access to the Tolka River's banks and progress key green initiatives like the Santry Greenway.


This question seems a little loaded! In my view the Parnell Square Cultural Quarter (once completed) will be a superb example of how to uplift public space and bring vibrancy and life to it.

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