Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Michael O'Sullivan


We need to reverse the long-term trend that lead to the financialisation of housing. They are not investments but homes. Cost-rental model delivered by councils and the Housing Agency.


Again cost-rental model. For this to work it will need unused land in the city to brought into use. This will need more urgent approach to vacant sites and greater use of compulsary purchase orders.


A housing or homes-first policy should be properly resourced and implemented.


Levies need to be increased and greater use of compulsary purchase orders. We are in the middle of a housing crisis and the balance between private property and public good is unbalanced.


More investment. New flat fare structures. Biggest obstacle to improving public transport though is congestion due to sharing road space with cars. Dublin City Development Plan 2022 needs to move us towards a carless city.


As above. Also need to dedicate percentage of transport budget to cycling infrastructure. Cycling office rather than cycling offier in Dublin City Council.


Transport and housing are big areas where carbon reduction can happen as are commercial buildings. Passive standard for new build needs to be implemented, mandatory use of energy-recovery systems. Move from private cars to public transport as norm. Dublin City Council's Climate Action Plan should be at heart of next city development plan.


I am in favour of councils being responsible for waste collection and support the #morepowertoyou campaign. I believe that charges for waste collection has led to needed behavioural change but that a purely commercial approach is neither fair nor produces the best result. Also there needs to be greater pressure on producers to eliminate packaging .

Illegal dumping or the threat of same has lead to dog poo bins being withdrawn in some places due to misuse. More bins needed. However only lasting solution is change in dog owners' behaviour. Just as it is now unthinkable for most people to smoke in proximity of babies, same social change needs to happen re: letting dogs foul in streets and parks.


When derelict sites are being developed , a "greening" provision should be introduced. In many cases this may be relatively small strips, in others larger. Good recent examples of both e.g. Weaver Park and strips of land at North King Street and at Dolphins Barn.


Firstly the public spaces that are there need to be reclaimed from the profusion of clutter (junction boxes, unnecessary signage, overspill from shops etc) that make them unattractive and also hamper easy mobility. Biggest available land bank for public space is roads. As we move to reduce car usage we need to reclaim road space as public space and develop it in an attractive way.

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