Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Michael O'Brien

Solidarity candidate for Donaghmede

Continue to campaign for the building of public housing on all available and suitably zoned land. Create a public home building company. End the private land hoarding, with compulsary purchase at non-market prices if required to meet home building targets.


Support strict rent controls and fair deal for accidental landlords such as compulsory acquisitions or mortgage restructuring on the basis of retrospective revaluation to 2013 prices.


Strict rent controls, a ban on economic evictions and an expansion of public house building.


Compulsory purchase by local authority if the private owners won't bring into productive use.


Public transport needs to be expanded and free at the point of use as is already the case in a number of cities. The pay-off socially, environmentally and traffic-wise would be massive.


Expand the bikes scheme into the suburbs. Move to segregated lanes as in Copenhagan


Free public transport, and impose bans and strict targets on industry and agriculture. No to the carbon tax which lets business and agriculture off the hook.


Reinstate the council waste collection service funded through progressive taxation and free at the point of use but enforce proper separation. Householders remain largely waste receivers. Reduction has to take place at the point of production. Dog waste bins should be extended to all blackspots.


Dezone the St Paul's site adjacent to St Anne's and integrate it into St Anne's Park.


Ban "defensive architecture" as I tried to do. No more outsourcing of public space management to private estate management companies.

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