Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Martin Matthews


My view on this is that we should set up a company under the councils to build social and affordable housing and not be depending on the private market and would use my voice in the council on that.


A major build of public housing supply is the way to go. This is what i would be pushing for if elected but that's not what is happening. Depending on the private market will never work or pushing families in to private landlords under HAP is driving up rents. Profiteering is going on.


A major increase in building homes. Supply and demand, it's a no-brainer. This is connected to your first question. Our party has being saying this till we are blue in the face but no change. Rent freeze for three years will go some way to help in this regard.


Cut down on the red tape and give the councils the money to make this happen. Properties lying idle for far too long in a housing crisos is sickening I have been working hard in my area with our local TD to make this happen faster.


Well, the question says public transport. Stop privatizing and selling of the assets and under-investing, increasing investment right across the board, short answer. I would be pushing for more investing in public transport.


I suppose what is being proposed at the moment is the way to go cutting down on the use of the private car. Will make it easier for more cycling lanes but that is connected to major improving public transport so there all interconnected. I would be pushing for this.


This is interconnected with lot of other things. We can all be doing more but industries must play their part in this and the public, but you can not put the blame on the family doing their weekly shopping cut down on major packaging. I hear Lidl and Aldi will be leading the way on this, letting people recycling in store. Great idea. All supermarkets should follow suit, cut down on the rubbish going in your bin.


Illegal dumping has majorly increased since the privatization of our bin collection. Putting this back under the council's controls would be in my view be better for communities and families. This has led on to more littering. Dog poo on the streets is another case, education is the better way to go on dog poo – stick and carrot.


Increasing the pocket gardens all over the country is a great way to increase green spaces and makes the place a lot more eye-catching and people will look after them improvements all round.


This is connected to question above. I think it is upon us all to protect our green spaces for all our well-being but the pressure on population increasing will put pressures on this, we need a balance.

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