Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Edel Moran


Continue to push for DCC to build more social and affordable homes on their own sites.


Continue to call for measures that aid renters such as a three-year freeze on rent increases and tax relief for tenants.


Look for the introduction of legislation to protect home-owners from vulture-fund evictions and plugging of loop-holes to prevent unscrupulous landlords from evicting tenants under false claims just to get new ones in on increased rents.


Continue to oppose attempts at privatisation of our public-transport system, which is contributing to its decline.


Continue to work with stakeholders in planning and introducing new/improved cycling infrastructure to our city.


Continue to work on education around energy and waste and push for sustainable energy systems as the only option.


Continue working with the council on education and public-information campaigns and signage. Continue to press for our refuse collection to be returned to public service away from the profit-driven private companies – the evidence of the failure of this is ever-increasing all over our city.


Again, push for their inclusion in future plans, new or re-developments. Aid the council in optimising the use and upkeep of our existing public and green spaces and ensure that none are lost to speculators or sold off under false promises of improvement.

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