Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Daryl Barron

Fianna Fáil candidate for Donaghmede

Our council needs to start looking at solutions to the housing shortage, which in my area hasn’t seen one affordable housing unit built yet. If the city wants to deal with this issue it must have a council chamber united to solve the problem.


We need to look at ways to reduce rent in our city. I believe it is time to limit rents in Dublin or we will risk another generation leaving this city because of high rent.


Homelessness in Dublin is continuing to spiral out of control. A renewed effort from every city councillor is needed to deal with this head-on. We must not forget about the forgotten homeless that are continuing to live with their families. They need solutions too.


While canvassing in my area I have seen a number of properties empty. This needs to be tackled. Our council needs seek out vacant lands across Dublin and ensure there is a measured plan for them.


Public transport in our city is beginning to buckle with demand at peak times. Our city needs to have serious investment in transport on our Dart and bus services in the coming years.


We have seen an improvement on cycling infrastructure across Dublin in last few years, but a continued improve on cycling links will help reduce the burden on other transport links across the city.


We have seen a renewed appeal for action on climate change. We need to begin tackling the day-to-day habits that will help reduce use of single-use plastics across our city and beyond. Ireland has set a clear example before and we need to continue to set the agenda for climate change.


Dublin City Council must continue to fight litter and illegal dumping. As public bins are becoming less visible, we need to make bins available to the public and more bins for dog poo to combat this locally.


With a continued threat to park and green spaces locally with St. Anne's Park, if I am elected as councillor to Dublin City Council I will fight to retain our parks and green areas locally!


We must continue to look at our city centre as a hub for the public to thrive. Public ownership is the only way to protect our spaces across the city.

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