Citizens’ agenda
Local elections 2019

Brian Mohan


By working with the city council and with central government I would hope to highlight the many "voids" [empty social homes] in my area as well as the many sites that could be used for social and affordable housing


This isn't something that city councillor has control over. Realistically, the only way we can do this is by building more homes, therefore creating the supply to meet the current demand.


There are many different charities and NGOs along with DCC that are trying to reduce the number of homeless while also working with those in emergency accommodation. I would like to engage with these groups and see if we can get all the different stakeholders working together


We need to encourage development of these lands. The north inner-city has many vacant properties and DCC is the largest land hoarder in the country. We need to start using what we have now, instead of waiting for things we don't have to come down the line.


We could be using our local property tax (LPT) to improve it. Free transport around the city is achievable if we can apply the will.


We give near €20 million out of our LPT each year to central government for other underfunded councils. This money could help with better public transport and improving our cycling infrastructure.


If we can improve our public services like transportation, then we can encourage people to leave their cars at home. This would make a massive difference to the climate issues we face. We should also be looking to make all DCC vehicles climate friendly


The north inner-city is routinely the number one black spot in the country for illegal dumping and litter. Dog fouling has become a major issue also. If elected, I want to go into schools and local clubs to encourage a change in attitude towards these issues.


When I look at what's happening down on Mayor Street Lower and New Wapping Street, I feel such anger that parts of my constituency are being taken over by big business while residents are getting nothing back. Some green space is not a lot to ask for and is vitally important to people's mental health and well-being.


This would be a similar answer to question 9. Public space is important for a city. Thousands of people call the inner-city home and they need spaces where they can relax and enjoy their community.

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