Get Involved

Here are a list of recent and upcoming Dublin City Council meetings you can watch, and a link to a page full of public consultations you can make submissions to.

Dublin City Council Meetings

Dublin City Council’s 63 councillors meet regularly as committees looking at issues in certain parts of the city (“local area committees”), committees looking at certain topics (“strategic policy committees” or SPCs), and also as a full council.

Through the links below you can watch these meetings via webcasts, either live or archived. You can also check the council’s own meetings calendar, where there are links to agendas, minutes and other documents.

If you’re not sure which of the council’s administrative local areas you live in – Central, North West, North Central, South West or South East – you can check this map here, although it’s a bit hard to read.

Public Consultations

You can find a list of ongoing public consultations here, where the council is asking for input on proposed cycleways, planning variations, and more.