Launched in 2015, Dublin Inquirer is a local, independent newspaper, dedicated to quality public-interest journalism. We publish online weekly and in print monthly.

We aim to bring you stories that otherwise wouldn’t be covered, and that you won’t find anywhere else. We’re committed to understanding, and helping readers to understand, what and who is shaping the city today.

We cover, broadly, housing and homelessness, transport, immigrant life, the environment and climate, planning, arts and culture, and food.

Together with Readers

We also throw regular events for readers, from discussions on city issues to just-for-fun pub quizzes.

Where appropriate, we love working with readers on larger journalism projects. Like, logging how local councillors have voted on key issues affecting the city, and our Citizens’ Agenda guide to the last local elections.

How We’re Funded

How a publication is funded profoundly shapes the way it covers the news. We are reader-powered. We depend on subscriptions, and we don’t sell ads. This means our focus is on our readers, and what we can do to best serve you.

Internally, we make financial decisions as a cooperative, meeting quarterly to decide priorities and decide how to budget. We regularly share our quarterly financials, so subscribers can see how we spend what we earn. Check out our budget breakdown.

We’re a small publication, so every subscription makes a massive difference. In 2022, we spent an average of about 44,800 per quarter running Dublin Inquirer.

The Team

Editor: Lois Kapila (

Deputy Editor: Sam Tranum (

Distribution Manager: Róisín Lambe (

Reporters: Lois Kapila (, Michael Lanigan (, Shamim Malekmian (, Laoise Neylon (, Sam Tranum (

Regular Contributors: Dean Van Nguyen, Daniel Seery, Luke Maxwell