I took this photo on the evening of 7 June after the first real burst of summer and just around that time when some of us were maybe looking forward to a few more slightly cooler days again.

I was just about to turn onto Fontenoy Street when the near-silhouette of two kids in their hammocks caught my eye and I decided to go ahead and at least try to shoot the scene with my phone, despite the head-on glare of the sun.

Reviewing later, the shots were predictably over-exposed, but nonetheless I fired up the photo-editor to see if I could at least manipulate an approximation of what my eyes really experienced at that moment.

I am a Dublin-based sculptor, photographer, composer and interaction designer. I create artefacts from moments captured as drawing, text, music, video, sound and object. I am motivated by the interpretations these artefacts can provoke, while at the same time presenting them simply as rewritten moments from my daily ritual and experience at home, at work – or just passing through from one place to the next.

I am currently preparing for a collaborative exhibition with the artist Noel Hensey at Ardgillan Gallery in October and my conceptual video, photographic and audio works can be experienced at www.wildernish.com.

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