I wanted this cover illustration to express my current feelings on being an immigrant that have resurfaced because I am visiting my home country of the Philippines this year. I have been working non-stop to make enough money just to visit my family, which is the price to pay when you live far away from where you were born.

My mother moved to Ireland to make more money to support her children back in 2001. I think a lot of people can relate to this due to the rising rates of rent all over Ireland, which are forcing many of the younger generation to emigrate abroad for a better life. We all know someone who, in the past three years, has moved abroad, whether it’s Australia, Canada or somewhere in mainland Europe, and although we are lucky enough to have better ways of communicating, such as video calls and emails, it still doesn’t feel the same. The feeling of loneliness even when you’re surrounded by loved ones, that feeling of searching and building a home away from home.

I’m a Filipino illustrator and comic artist based in Kildare. If you’d like to see more of my work or are interested in working together you can find me on Instagram as @tinygreens or at kateescolin.com. You can reach me at tinygreensart@gmail.com

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