We’re pretty writing-focused here at Dublin Inquirer, but we do love photos, and in an effort to get more great photos into the paper, we’re launching Photo of the Month contest.

If you’re interested, when you see our call-out for photos each month, please email us a photo you’ve taken that you love, which you’ve taken within the previous four weeks, which hasn’t been published elsewhere.

Our team at Dublin Inquirer will choose one photo each month from among the submissions we get from that month’s call-out, contact the photographer to check a few details and get a little blurb to go with it, and pay €50 euro by invoice and EFT.

We’ll then publish the photo in one of our weekly online editions, one of our monthly print editions, and on our social media. The photographer retains the rights to use it after that however and wherever they wish.

Some details:

  • The photo must have been taken by you within the previous four weeks in Co. Dublin.
  • It must have been taken legally and not violate anyone’s privacy.
  • If it includes a child, we’ll need their parent’s permission to publish it.
  • It should be a jpg of at least 150dpi, and landscape format, as that’s what our website template takes.
  • Please just submit one photo per call-out. You can always submit another the next month!
  • If we choose it for publication, we’ll ask you for a blurb written in the first person, including a couple of sentences about the photograph, and a couple of sentences about yourself.
  • Send photos to sam@dublininquirer.com.

Sam Tranum is a reporter and deputy editor at Dublin Inquirer. He covers climate, transport and environment. You can reach him at sam@dublininquirer.com.

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