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The seagulls in Dublin are gigantic, and have grown larger than any bird scientists could ever have imagined. Harassing the lunch-eating population of Dublin has been a pastime of these majestic creatures since the dawn of the Celtic Tiger.

Having evolved with the ability to digest almost any carbon-based compound, these gulls have opted to move inland – away from their primitive seafaring past. Now the question is, how much further will they move?

Into your home, enjoying Christmas with you and your family? Cawing at a deafening volume while you try to watch the Fair City Christmas special? There is only one way to find out – so it’s time to open your door to our enormous avian friends and we can all enjoy the holidays together!

I’m an animator, illustrator, seagull watcher and Christmas enjoyer from Dublin. You can find me on instagram at @lyntskincity or on my website

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