Periodically, often around budget time, we see media reports about rent arrears for Dublin City Council tenants.

We get the official figures – how much the council says is owed, how that might differ from past years. We get the calls for councils to do more to collect.

What we don’t hear are the voices of council tenants. And we don’t get much analysis of what those figures mean, what’s counted, why tenants may fall into arrears, and how the council’s payments system works.

We know this is sensitive, but if you are a council tenant who has fallen into arrears at some point, we would love to talk to you about how that happened and how the council dealt with it.

Please fill out our short survey below. You can also send an email to our reporter Laoise Neylon at or call or WhatsApp her on 0860897384.

We won’t use your name or story unless you have given us permission.

Laoise Neylon is a reporter for Dublin Inquirer. You can reach her at

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