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I chose this book because I read Welcome to Grimwood on World Book Day. This is a short book where they tell stories around the campfire. I was interested by the colourful cover and the interesting name.

Because I liked the characters, I read Grimwood. It’s the same characters, but a different story.

In this one Ted and Nancy live in a big city but have to move to Grimwood because Princess Buttons was attacking them. Ted and Nancy are foxes and Princess Buttons is a cat.

Ted goes on a tour of Grimwood and to a talent show. Nancy doesn’t want him to go to the talent show because they are supposed to be hiding and they weren’t planning to stay in Grimwood.

She is worried about him because they don’t have a mum or dad to look after them. But eventually she lets him go. After, that’s when the fighting starts. The fighting is the best part.

I really liked it. I like when Nancy is always grumpy. My favourite bit is when Princess Buttons is trying to zap Ted and Nancy.

My favourite character is Willow, the bunny. She’s cute and playful and very funny but she will thwack you in the face if you call her cute, okay?

This book is funny, exciting and full of adventure. It shows good friendships. There are some pictures but they are small and black and white.

I think children who like adventures would like this book. I wasn’t sure if I would like a story about foxes, but once I read it, I really liked the story.

Even though I have read this book lots of times, I still like reading it again. I would like to read more Nadia Shireen books.

I like to get books from the library and read them after school. The other books I like are the Secret Kingdom series, the Unicorn Academy series, and books about magical animal rescues.

Sorcha Maraj

Sorcha Maraj is 6 ½ years old. She likes colouring, reading, tumbling and pretending to be an Alicorn. She has two younger brothers called Rían and Naoise, aged 4 and 1, who like to play games with her.

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