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I took this photograph while I was out to do my grocery shopping. Phibsboro’s Royal Canal is very close to my apartment and it’s a place that I pass by daily. I remembered some boats moored in previous summers but I had never seen them going through the locks before.

I thought the situation was worth a click as it’s one of those rare and at the same time mundane moments that happens every now and then. The strong Irish sunlight, the cloudy backdrop and the jacket worn by one of the boaters summarise how I think summers are in this city: sunny for flashes, mostly cloudy, and hardly ever hot enough to forget your jumper or sweater at home.

I’m a Spanish photographer from Valencia. Valencia is a very different town than Dublin. Being a foreigner shifts the way I perceive and look at things so, even though the city is not new for me, it never ceases to surprise me. This may be one of the sparks that motivates my photography.

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