This book is about a boy, Mickey “Moany” McMoan, counting down the days to a big football match. Every chapter he gets more and more excited.

Mickey practices football almost every day and is even lucky enough to get new football boots.

His teacher is very cranky all of the time, which sometimes makes his life difficult. (My teacher is really nice. His is not.)

There were lots of things that I enjoyed about this book. He really, really, REALLY likes Saturdays and Sundays (and I like weekends a lot too).

I also enjoyed the part when he wore his new football boots and got them dirty, then used his brother Mark’s toothbrush to clean them! This was a bit mean but it was funny!

There was also the time when somebody fell into a big puddle, or there was the time that someone brought prank caramel chew-chew over and everyone started sneezing. The jokes made me smile a lot.

There were a lot of burglaries in Moany’s town too, and that was interesting.

The Bunny vs Monkey, Treehouse, Dog Man, Narwhal and Jelly, and Captain Underpants series are the books that I love to read.

I like colourful pictures in the books I read – sometimes the pictures in this book were too small (even though they were well drawn).

This book wasn’t really my style, but I would recommend it to my friends and my big brother Arnie.

They like books a lot like me, they like sports and especially humour with pranks. And they like climbing trees (there is tree climbing in this book too).

Moany McMoan: The Accidental Hero is part of a series of books written by Ray Flannery.

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