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Once upon a time, there was a land called Howth that turned into an island, her shores were flooded with water and the only ones who stayed happy were the fish of the sea.

People of the land had to learn to live closer to each other, build houses on high hills and help each other when is needed. They shared food, boats and bicycles and through the tiny windows, they watched how the world was slowly changing.

We already know that global climate change is having an effect on the country’s environment, which includes land, waters and atmosphere. My drawing represents a vision of our future, where part of our land will go under the water.

I am an artist originally from Lithuania, with a style influenced by my degree in glasswork studies, and illustration. I’ve created work for exhibitions across Ireland, Lithuania and Germany.

My work has found a home in many private collections throughout Ireland, Lithuania, Slovakia, Poland, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK and Australia. I have been featured in publications such as the Irish Times, Irish Independent, Business Post and The Times (Ireland).

You can find me on Instagram @artbykuze.

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