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The skies in Dublin Bay always feel enormous and exhilarating and there is always a great selection of clouds. A friend’s dad told him as a child that the Poolbeg chimneys were cloud makers and that has always stuck in my head. This illustration is a nod to that lovely white lie.

I’m an illustrator, artist, and children’s picture book author from Dublin. Most recently, I have become a cloud hunter.

My books include the Lonely Beast series, Danger is Everywhere with David O’Doherty, and most recently Eggcorns which was published in October this year. I am currently working on a project called A Daily Cloud where I draw a new character every day and post them on Twitter and Instagram to brighten your feed every morning.

Follow Chris on Twitter and Instagram or contact him on his website Prints of this image are available on Chris’ website here.

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Chris Judge: Chris Judge is an illustrator, artist, and children’s picture book author from Dublin.

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