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T his cover is the result of what we’re being forced to accept as the new normal. Families pushed into tent towns and hostels when there are a huge number of vacant properties. The absolute hideousness of an administration that seems to prefer that to building social housing. What gives me hope is seeing ordinary people organising to help each other when they’ve been so utterly failed by their government. With this illustration I hope to highlight and celebrate that.

I am a designer and illustrator based in Dublin. I have worked as both an in-house and freelance graphic designer/ illustrator producing covers, illustrations, and designs for numerous publishing companies, newspapers, and professional organisations. My intricate illustrations are very much inspired by folk tales, nature and the elaborate patterns and fashions of bygone eras. To contact me or view my portfolio, please visit or follow me on Instagram @karenmvaughan.

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Karen Vaughan: Karen is an illustrator and designer from Tallaght with a particular love for pen and ink. Visit her website at

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