F?or this cover I wanted to focus on the subject of overtourism and the cost of it to the city. I came up with this idea of a character looking like they’re shadily dealing out the city.

In their coat I have things that are marketed as tourist spots like the Spire and the Ha’penny Bridge, as well as some typical Irish imagery of flags, shamrocks, pints, that kind of thing. Recently in Dublin we’ve seen so many spaces and resources that are vital to our various communities and culture be torn down, and despite the efforts of a lot of talented and passionate people, Dublin can often feel like it’s losing its voice and turning into a playground for short-term visitors, at the expense of its population.

I am an illustrator and printmaker based here in Dublin. My work carries a look and feel that walks the line between calming and vibrant, across areas of editorial, advertising and mural illustration. You can check out more of my work at conornolan.net or on Instagram @cnr_nln.

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