In this episode, I’ll tell you about the last and the greatest of my dead young friends: Richie. About picking mushies with him over Inchydoney Bay in 1993, about how he spent a summer on building sites in London, about how he later ended up in prison, and about how he died.

This is the fifth episode in my six-episode podcast memoir about five teenagers who gathered at a party in a bedsit in Dunmanway, West Cork during mushroom season in 1993 – a Curehead, a couple of ravers, a punk and a mod. I’m the only one left on this Earth in 2018. I delve into each of the four dead friends’ lives, and each of their deaths, in turn – before ending with a demon-haunted climax in Gatsby’s “niteclub”.

New episodes of The Dead Friends will be released each Wednesday until 31 October. You can get them here on the Dublin Inquirer website (episode 1, episode 2, episode 3, episode 4), or via the Dublin Inquirer Podcast on iTunes, Spotify or Stitcher, or on Libsyn.

Dave Lordan is a multimedia writer, performer, & educator from County West Cork whose entertaining and provocative work has always had a community/social-movement focus and a sharply radical edge....

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