Photo courtesy of Ronan Kealy.

Ronan Kealy, known to fans as Junior Brother, took his stage name from a play by Thomas Middleton called The Revenger’s Tragedy. It suited the time period his songs are drawn from, he says. “But it’s also quite mad and experimental.”

The folk singer brings together acoustic guitar and a rhythmic foot tambourine. He sings in his Kerry accent, thanks to the influence of his uncle, who said he should have a listen to Damien Dempsey, who sings in his own Dublin voice, and made Kealy realise that “I can just sing in my own accent and it’s grand.”

Kealy was in Dublin recently to perform some of his songs at Marrowbone Books in The Coombe, including the popular “Hungover at Mass” and “No Snitch”. Before the gig, he talked to Martin Cook about all this and more. Have a listen.

Martin's substantive career was in civil engineering, specialising in the field of traffic and transportation. Currently, he is attached to Dublin City FM, and works as a freelance broadcast journalist....

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