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Back in April, we put out a call for tenants who had been served eviction notices – to see if we could work out any patterns or trends.

Thanks to those who shared their stories, we were able to highlight how renters were being given notices to quit on the grounds that their landlords were refurbishing their apartments, and the confusions around rules.

We were also able to report on some renters’ concerns that landlords were evicting them on the basis that they were selling the property, but then the property wasn’t actually sold.

Now, we want to examine this second issue in a more systematic way, tracking cases where tenants have been issued with a notice that their landlord is selling, and checking up to see whether that actually happens. But, again, we need your help to do that.

If you’ve had a notice to quit on those grounds, we would love it if you would fill out the form below, so that we can then do the legwork to chase down whether the home is sold. We won’t include any details in an article without asking you first.

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