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Are Irish Publications Ignoring Their Readers?

Among the talks that the Banter series presented at Beatyard on 30-31 July was one moderated by Dublin Inquirer managing editor Lois Kapila about the relationship between Irish publications and their readers, and how it could be improved. She was joined in the discussion by award-winning investigative journalist Gemma O’Doherty, DCU School of Communications PhD researcher Niamh Kirk and Banter producer and Irish Times writer Jim Carroll.

Publications are finding new ways to use technologies to work with their readers — through collaborative projects, by asking them what they want journalists to cover, by realising that they can be allies in storytelling. But how well are journalists and publishers in Ireland engaging their readers? How do both sides see the relationship? And could harnessing the opportunities that new technologies offer help to foster a new era of public-interest journalism in Ireland?

Listen to the discussion here, by clicking the play button above.

Sam Tranum portrait
Sam Tranum

Sam Tranum is deputy editor of Dublin Inquirer. He's been a newspaper reporter, a newspaper editor, an assistant professor of journalism, an author and a book editor, among other things. You can follow him @samtranum.



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