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  1. Love the cartoon this week and look forward to more, but I can’t find any CuriosAbout/Square in the Circle profile of any artist’s work this week. Really enjoy that weekly item, hope it’s not been axed…?

    1. Hey Sabonn! It hasn’t been axed we just had a slight hiccup this week. We need to spread the word a bit wider too as the guys who handle that spot, Square in the Circle, said they haven’t had submissions lately. Cheers, Lo

  2. Really great cartoon. Very apt and topical. We need to highlight and talk about this issue more if things are to change, as we’re in a shocking state at the moment. I think the Dublin Inquirer has been spot on and not afraid to talk about the relevant news, and cartoons like this are beneficial as they help us grasp the concept quicker. A welcome edition to the paper.

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