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Wednesday, 25 May – Cloud of Skin, 18:30, €10.50, IFI

Following on the heels of Tarkovsky season, the IFI are bringing their focus to new work in Irish film. Cloud of Skin is a dreamlike portrayal of a man’s revisited love affair with a blind woman with mysterious visionary powers. Shot in a series of Irish locations made uncanny, with moody sound from composer Karen Power. The screening will be followed by a conversation between director Maximilian Le Cain and Dean Kavanagh. The Facebook event page is here, or visit the IFI website here.

Thursday, 26 May – Nothing Tastes as Good launch, 18:30, Eason, O’Connell Street

Claire Hennessy, creative writing teacher and editor of Puffin Ireland and Banshee, is launching her new book at Eason this Thursday. When Annabel is assigned to guide Julia Jacobs from beyond the grave, she tries to “fix” Julia’s unhappiness by addressing what she sees as its obvious root: her weight. As she gets to know Julia, though, Annabel realises that happiness and unhappiness perhaps come down to something more than just this. The result is a beautifully complex depiction of relationships and body disorders.

Friday, 27 May – Junior Magazine launch, 18:00, Library Bar

Ellius Grace and George Voronov have teamed up to produce a journal giving other young photographers a chance to flex their muscles and reach a wider audience, all in an aesthetically pleasing format. They’re running a crowdfunding campaign to cover printing costs, and it’s still only a tenner to pledge for their first copy. Issue number one, appropriately themed “youth”, features the work of Ben Hickey, Cait Fahey, Mark McGuinness and Nicholas Harpur (as well as their own). The Kickstarter is still live here. The Facebook event page is here.

Saturday, 28 May – Julia Kent & David Donohoe, €14.99, Freemason’s Hall

Cellist and composer Julia Kent uses layered strings, looped electronics, and refined field recordings to reflect the relationship between the human and natural world, creating a rich and intensely romantic sound. She has worked and performed with, among others, Antony and the Johnsons, Stars of the Lid, Jarboe, and Michael Gira’s Angels of Light, releasing her first solo album in 2007. Accompanying Kent on Saturday will be David Donohoe, performing a solo extemporisation on piano, synth and electronics. Get your ticket here, and click to follow the Facebook event page here.

Sunday, 29 May – Sex Siopa’s Economics of Sex, 18:00, €16.99, The Liquor Rooms

Shawna Scott of Sex Siopa and economist Peter Antonioni are bringing their much-loved festival show to Dublin for one night only. Peter and Shawna discuss sex work, sex toys, online dating and porn all in the name of exploring economics in a jargon-free space. More here and tickets here.

Monday, 30 May – Perspectives: Max Richter Ensemble, 20:00, €40/35/25, National Concert Hall

Staggeringly prolific and ever innovative, Max Richter and a selected ensemble of musicians will perform from The Blue Notebooks and his popular new release, Sleep. His eight-hour piece, a personal score for the sleeping state and “manifesto for a slower pace of existence”, was composed in consultation with David Eagleman, neuroscientist and director of the Laboratory for Perception and Action. A public interview with Max Richter will take place in the Kevin Barry Recital Room before the performance. More here and here.

Tuesday, 31 May – James O’Connor: Collages and Paintings (2014-2016), 10:30-17:30, Free, Taylor Galleries

O’Connor’s collages are vividly hued and direct, an at-first small project that began on coloured paper and cardboard material that had surfaced in his studio, commandeering an increasing amount of time and energy. The process – hand-to-eye rhythm and emerging shapes – is encapsulated in this resulting collection of frank and distinctive pieces. Learn more here.

Editor’s Note: Wednesday, 1 June – Dublin Inquirer’s 1st Birthday Party, 19:00, Free, Beerhouse, Capel Street

On 3 June, it’ll have been exactly one year since Dublin Inquirer released its first weekly online edition into the world. Somehow, we’re still around! And we want to invite you to come celebrate. Heads up: it won’t be anything fancy. Just balloons and beer in the Beerhouse on Capel Street, because, well, we haven’t had time to organise anything extravagant. But we’d love it if you came by to say hello, and tell us what you’d like to see more of and less of, as we head into our second year. We’ve got a Facebook event page here.

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