1. Are you for or against the elimination of the local property tax?

For, BUT we would replace it with a site valuation tax. This would mean less empty houses and vacant land.

2. Are you for or against repealing the 8th Amendment?


3. Are you for or against the creation of a directly elected mayor for the Dublin area, with greater powers over, housing, transport and revenue raising?

FOR. (Remember it was the Green Party that first tried to get this.)

4. Who should be responsible for setting minimum apartment standards, local authorities or the national government?

BOTH. National government should not be allowed override local standards to make them lower.

5. Are you for or against ending religious patronage of all schools?


6. Are you for or against the provision of medically supervised injection centres in Dublin?

FOR. (We would go further and look at legalisation.)

7. Are you for or against giving asylum seekers the right to work?


8. What, if anything, should be done about Irish Water?

Break it up. Let it be managed regionally. Have a referendum to make sure that water utilities cannot be privatised.

9. Are you for or against the immediate introduction of a vacant-land levy in Dublin?


10. Are you for or against banning zero-hour employment contracts?


11. Are you for or against ending unvouched expenses for TDs and councillors?

FOR. I publish all moneys I receive as a politician on my website. I think they should all do this. Additionally, if elected, I would cycle or take the bus from Inchicore to the Dáil. I do not beleive Dublin TDs should get expenses for commuting to work: nobody else does.

12. Are you for or against bringing in a new system of independent building inspections carried out by government inspectors to ensure that buildings are built to code?


In preparation for 26 February, we asked candidates running in Dublin for their views on a dozen issues. You can read what all the candidates had to say here.

Sam Tranum is a reporter and deputy editor at Dublin Inquirer. He covers climate, transport and environment. You can reach him at sam@dublininquirer.com.

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