1. Are you for or against the elimination of the local property tax?

For the abolition of the local property tax, which is really a family-home tax. This is regressive and a burden imposed regardless of ability to pay. It is especially hard on older people, who may be in valuable houses but have low incomes.

2. Are you for or against repealing the 8th Amendment?

For repeal of the 8th Amendment.

3. Are you for or against the creation of a directly elected mayor for the Dublin area, with greater powers over, housing, transport and revenue raising?

For a directly elected mayor and for greater powers for the elected members of the council, in conjunction with the elected mayor. We have the most centralised state in Europe and we need democratic powers
closer to the community.

4. Who should be responsible for setting minimum apartment standards: local authorities or the national government?

They should work in conjunction. There should be no return to the “dog-box” apartments of the Celtic Tiger era. Each local authority needs to have some flexibility, but proper standards should be set nationally.

5. Are you for or against ending religious patronage of all schools?

No child should be deprived of a school place for religious reasons. Our schools are funded and our teachers are paid by the state. There should be equal respect for those of all religions or none, and accommodation can be made to include time for religious instruction where required, but the first consideration must be child-centred
education, including citizenship education, fostering respect for all.

6. Are you for or against the provision of medically supervised injection centres in Dublin?

I would favour this being introduced on a pilot basis as there is evidence that it has had a positive outcome in other countries.

7. Are you for or against giving asylum seekers the right to work?

The direct-provision system should be ended, the application process should be speeded up, applicants should have the right to work.

8. What, if anything, should be done about Irish Water?

Irish Water and water charges should be abolished. Guarantee public ownership of water and water infrastructure.

9. Are you for or against the immediate introduction of a vacant-land levy in Dublin?

For a vacant land levy.

10. Are you for or against banning zero-hour employment contracts?

Ban zero-hour contracts.

11. Are you for or against ending unvouched expenses for TDs and councillors?

For ending unvouched expenses. A living wage should be the standard.

12. Are you for or against bringing in a new system of independent building inspections carried out by government inspectors to ensure that buildings are built to code?

For a new system of building inspections. No more Priory Halls.

In preparation for 26 February, we asked candidates running in Dublin for their views on a dozen issues. You can read what all the candidates had to say here.

Sam Tranum is a reporter and deputy editor at Dublin Inquirer. He covers climate, transport and environment. You can reach him at sam@dublininquirer.com.

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