1. Are you for or against the elimination of the local property tax?

Against – now that it is there. LPT at least has the benefit of being a progressive tax, so I would seek to equalize tax burden through introducing more graduated income tax bands (we only have two at the moment) to the relief of middle earners, and to reduce private health and education costs.

2. Are you for or against repealing the 8th Amendment?

For – but this a referendum decision in any event, so everyone will have a say.

3. Are you for or against the creation of a directly elected mayor for the Dublin area, with greater powers over, housing, transport and revenue raising?

Ambivalent – certainly an improvement on the CEO system, but I think deeper democratic reform is necessary. I advocate direct digital democracy, and intend to allow my constituents a say on everything. Thus, all of my policy is ultimately provisional.

4. Who should be responsible for setting minimum apartment standards, local authorities or the national government?

National government

5. Are you for or against ending religious patronage of all schools?


6. Are you for or against the provision of medically supervised injection centres in Dublin?

For – but subject to continuous re-evaluation, as there is little data on whether such centres achieve their intended benefits.

7. Are you for or against giving asylum seekers the right to work?

For. It’s better for the economy and better for the well-being of the asylum seeker.

8. What, if anything, should be done about Irish Water?

Abolish it and reintegrate water provision into the public service.

9. Are you for or against the immediate introduction of a vacant-land levy in Dublin?


10. Are you for or against banning zero-hour employment contracts?


11. Are you for or against ending unvouched expenses for TDs and councillors?

Against – unvouched is far more efficient. The key is to pursue anyone who misuses those funds to the full extent of the law. TDs don’t have blanket immunity.

12. Are you for or against bringing in a new system of independent building inspections carried out by government inspectors to ensure that buildings are built to code?

For – I can’t believe that this is even a question.

In preparation for 26 February, we asked candidates running in Dublin for their views on a dozen issues. You can read what all the candidates had to say here.

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Sam Tranum: Sam Tranum is co-founder of Dublin Inquirer. You can reach him at [email protected]

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