Wednesday, 3 February – Paper Trail Presents: Hot Cops & Me and My Dog, 18:30, Sweeney’s

New Northern Irish cool guys (as hailed by the BBC themselves) will be joining surf-rock sweethearts Me and My Dog in Sweeney’s this Wednesday evening, all, according to Eventbrite, for the oddly precise sum of €6.18 (€7 on the door). Hot Cops have commenced the first in a series of 7″ers with a pleasantly moody, grungy edge. Like an old friend, and not quite jaded enough to be irritating. Tickets here, Facebook page here.

Thursday, 4 February – Sex Siopa’s Dirty Secrets, 20:00, Free (but ticketed), The Liquor Rooms 

Shawna Scott of Sex Siopa will be joined by Caroline Ryan, PhD candidate and sex researcher at DCU, and Annie Gill and Mark Cantan, hosts of the Trivial Cahoots podcast, in some frank, open discussion. Add in some explicit trivia and cocktails, and you have the best Valentine’s-Day-themed event on the horizon. Tickets here, and more details here.

Friday, 5 February – Kill de/DJ.01, 21:30, €5/8, Turk’s Head

A recent article in Vice’s Thump highlighted Irish techno as the big vibrant pool that it is, but also noted the new fluidity of the “scene” compared to the camps that divided techno say four or five years ago. Kill de/DJ.01 is a night of up-coming electronic acts feeding into the spirit of that. From squelchy glitch via Polyglove to the manky relentlessness of Peaks, it’ll be a mixed bag of analog glory. Facebook page here, and tickets here.

Saturday, 6 February – This Is Public & Sexy, 20:00, €10, St Andrews Community Centre

With specially commissioned soundtracks, cocktails and choreography, RGKSKSRG, studio 468 and Common Ground are presenting This Is Public & Sexy, a live performance of new artworks and minor dramas, celebrating the residency of Emma Haugh and RGKSKSRG at studio 468, exploring reformulations of desire and the body within architecture. Featuring, in order of appearance, Emma Haugh, Vivian Ziherl, Stéphane Béna Hanly, James Moran, Dennis McNulty, Dan Walwin, Anne Strain, Sibyl Montague, Moira Brady Averill, Tomaso De Luca, Christopher Mahon, Emily Mast, Angela Fulcher, NCAD Student Bodies and RGKSKSRG. Be warned: “Latecomers will be asked to sing and dance on tables.” Book here.

Sunday, 7 February – Object Wars, 18:00, Artbox

Opening this Thursday, Object Wars is a study of the history of the object: its creation, its collection and curation. As in the recent looting and destruction in Syria, historical objects depicting human narratives have been cherished and hated for the power they have of giving significance or pilfering the complexity of its subjects. Facebook page here.

Monday, 8 February – Rams, 18:40, €9, Irish Film Institute

Brothers Gummi (Sigurður Sigurjónsson) and Kiddi (Theodór Júlíusson) are both sheep farmers and, of course, rivals. They also haven’t spoken in forty years. Neighbours in the Icelandic countryside, they are competitors in all things – especially the annual contest for best ram in the valley. Finally, Gummi must decide whether to help his brother when it seems as if his herd has been infected with a lethal disease. More here.

Tuesday, 9 February – Doggy-Eyed Stare, By Appointment (01 6710073), Temple Bar Gallery

Hannah Fitz is previewing her new sculptural series created during her graduate residency in Temple Bar Gallery’s Studio 16, accompanied by her text Look at the Dog with One Eye. Fitz’s series develops her ideas on representation and materiality, working towards blurring the lines dividing subject and intent. More info here, and the Facebook stuff here.

Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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