Database: How Did Your Councillor Vote?

So you voted in the local elections, but what has your councillor been doing since then?

This is a database of selected votes in Dublin City Council and its committees, which you can use to explore how your councillor has voted during meetings at City Hall. It’s a work in progress; we’re gradually loading up the data, so it’s far from all there.

Use the box below to search for your councillor, or to search for an issue – say housing or busking – and click on the vote for more details. If you’re not sure who represents you, you can find out here.

Search here:

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About the Database

At the moment, it’s tricky for anybody to find out how their Dublin City Council representative voted on key issues. Often, media reports just note whether a motion passed or failed, or the number of councillors who voted for and against.

That’s because in meetings, the votes usually happen fast and it’s not always possible to note down who said yes, and who said no. Sometimes the votes are done with hands in the air, and the electronic voting system isn’t used. The screen can be blurry for those watching over the webcast.

We’re trying to make more of this voting data available, so that if you’re looking for this information, you can find it immediately. And so that, for those representatives who run in general elections or in local elections, you can compare what they say on the doorstep, with what they actually do at a local-government level.

Because of all the challenges just mentioned, it’s going to take us a while to build up loads of votes. So if there’s a specific vote that you would like to see in the database, or if you spot an error, please let us know. Reach us at

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steve white
27 January at 00:42

you’ve only got 7 of them :/, just watched video of busking motion, why isn’t the electronic voting system used?

Lois Kapila
27 January at 00:45

@steve white: Hi Steve, Yes, we’re working on adding more. We just wanted to put it up so that people can tell us what they want us to load up, and we can try to fine-tune it.

Ellen Redmond
27 January at 13:35

HI Would really like to find out more about whats now called the ‘Berlin Wall’, a flood barrier being constructed at present on the seafront in Raheny. And taking away the beautiful views from the population. Total lack of imagination on the part of DCC

tks Ellen

Sam Tranum
27 January at 13:48

Hi Ellen, Is this the same wall you’re talking about? [… "")

colm ryder
27 January at 14:11

Well Done on this initiative! It think its a first here in Dublin!? Great way to track local councillors, who can then be tackled on how they voted. I realise its not 100% as yet, but GREAT WORK!

steve white
27 January at 18:26

did DCC tell you why the electronic voting system isn’t used?

steve white
27 January at 18:28

aloso I suggest you can fine tune it by adding links in the database back to the source minutes and video

Pat Abbey
27 January at 22:15

I would like to see a the attendance records, especially of the Councillors who are hoping to be elected to the Dail.

Lois Kapila
28 January at 09:47

@Pat Abbey: Thanks Pat, we’ll try to get those.

Lois Kapila
28 January at 09:48

@steve white: Hi Steve, we can do that. I was thinking that adding links to the webcasts might not be great because after some time, they drop off the city council website. So they would be dead links after a while.

Lois Kapila
28 January at 09:51

@steve white: To be honest, I don’t know in that particular meeting why the electronic voting system wasn’t used. I haven’t asked Dublin City Council about that particular vote.

steve white
28 January at 15:09

@Lois Kapila: is electronic voting system ever used do you have an example?

Lois Kapila
28 January at 15:14

@steve white: Yes, it’s used when councillors call for a roll call vote. At the meeting about the Phibsboro Local Area Plan, for example, they used it to vote on that.

29 January at 18:20

Hi Lois, Looks interesting. I have a few suggestions / queries. – what do I key in if I want to see all the topics that are available? i found a few by searching for generic terms like ‘report’, ‘passed’ etc – when viewing an entry it would be really cool to be able to click on other fields like a councillors name so that you can see what way they voted on other motions

Lois Kapila
29 January at 18:27

@austin: Hey Austin,

At the moment, there’s no “view all” option. I’ll see if I can work out how to add one of those so that people can just browse.

Also, yes it would be cool to be click on a councillors name and have all those votes come up and whether they voted for or against. Again, I’ll look at whether we can do that with the database we’re using — it’s a really simple one, but perhaps there’s a way to add another sheet or something to it for that!

Thanks for the feedback.

Niall Smith
18 February at 21:28

Any chance of something like this for South Dublin CC?????

Lois Kapila
18 February at 22:13

@Niall Smith: Hi Niall, we’d love to do that. But don’t really have the (wo)manpower to at the moment. Do they have electronic voting at South Dublin County Council meetings? If they do, you could just email the press office and ask for the records, and then I’d be happy to show you the free database software that we’ve used!

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