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Do you wander around Dublin and wonder why it is the way it is?

Do you have questions about its parks? Its people? Its local politics? Its transport? Its landmarks?

We would love to answer those questions for you, or with you.

We want Dublin Inquirer to be more than a newspaper for readers. We want it to be shaped by our readers. Pssssst. That’s you.

In the past, journalism happened something like this: a journalist comes up with an idea, scribbles the article, prays readers are interested, and moves on. We want to shake that up.

We want readers to tell us what they care about, rather than us just telling readers what we think they should care about. It’ll help us to stay in touch with you. And as we report your idea, we’ll keep you clued in to our reporting process, so you can give us ideas to help us along the way or remind us of questions we may have forgotten to ask.

It can be the simplest question. Who designed those stained glass windows? Why are there so few food trucks in Dublin?

As we get more queries, we’ll let you, our readers, vote on which we should pursue. In the meantime, you can submit through the giant greeny-blue box in the sidebar.

Lois Kapila

Lois Kapila is Dublin Inquirer's editor and general-assignment reporter. Want to share a comment or a tip with her? Send an email to her at

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  1. We are local st. James residents in ceannt fort named after eamonn ceannt and we want the irish government to save what is left of South Dublin Union Walls and Old Bakery on the grounds of James Hospital.
    Our Facebook site is Eamon Ceannt and the 1916 South Dublin Union which is linked to change dot org online petition to collect signatues to stop the destruction of what is left.

  2. Hi there,
    One story….but it’s not Dublin specific, is to investigate why pharmaceutical prices are so expensive here compared with UK/Spain etc. Over-the-counter / prescription / generics they are all eye-wateringly expensive.
    If you bring your own meds in from another country they get confiscated (thank you IMB)
    The story has of course been covered before the real source the issue needs to be exposed…. You know; transparency, accountability all the things that we are really good at in Ireland ?

  3. Hi,
    I recently found out that Glasgow city council have tried to implement a charge for driving in the city centre, similar to Londons congestion charge but it has always been feverously shot down. Can you investigate if this is the same in DCC and if so, who are the main opposition voices. you could cover the day that Paris went car free, the income it might bring, the revitalising the city centre – although you have done a few excellent pieces on this in light of the new liffey proposals, so there might be a bit of overlap.

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