Image Courtesy of Kerlin Gallery.

Wednesday, 21 October – Gorse No. 4 Launch, 19:00, Liquor Rooms

Gorse is back with a fourth issue, launched with readings from contributors Patrick Chapman, Dominque Cleary, Orla Fitzpatrick, Hugh Fulham-McQuillan and Suzanne Walsh. In Gorse, Susan Tomaselli set out to publish innovative prose, be it in long-form essays, original fiction or interviews. The journal has its roots – in terms of both content and aesthetic – in modernist literary journals, and the Dadaist magazines that followed them. This issue should prove no less eclectic, with a multi-disciplinary array of contributors: musicians and artists, poets, translators and librarians. At the launch, music about love and death, featuring tractors and recipes, to be provided by Gar Cox. Facebook event here.

Gorse. Image Courtesy of Susan Tomaselli.

Thursday, 22 October – The Gaslamp Killer & DâM Funk, Choice Cuts, Beck’s Rhythm & Blues Series, 20:00, Sugar Club

The Rhythm & Blues series continues, this time with Damon “DâM-Funk” Riddick and “assassin and the antidote” Gaslamp Killer. Cosmic vibes should abound, with DâM’s new album drawing comparisons with recent releases from Flying Lotus and Thundercat, and forming part of the new wave of G-funk emerging from LA. Facebook event here, tickets here.

Friday, 23 October – Deathgasm, Irish Film Institute (IFI) Horrorthon

The Horrorthon season is finally upon us, and not a moment too soon. Deathgasm is billed as “heavy-metal horror”, and tracks the ill-fated and inevitably gory psychic summoning of an ancient entity by two high-school guitarists. Eli Roth’s new cannibal caper, the Cannibal Holocaust-esque The Green Inferno, looks equally appealing, and there are solid offerings of eco-gothic and psychological horror throughout this year’s list. The Lighthouse Cinema is also running a campy ’90s horror film fest, if you fancy nipping over to Smithfield. Deathgasm details here, Horrorthon details here.

Masayoshi Fujita. Image Courtesy of Erased Tapes.

Saturday, 24 October – Ensemble Presents: Masayoshi Fujita [Erased Tapes], 20:00, Belvedere House

Following on from the success of their Kickstarter campaign (and soon-to-be-released EP from Conor Walsh), Ensemble have invited Berlin-based vibraphonist and composer Masayoshi Fujita to perform his new compositions in the intimate meeting room of Belvedere House. His new release, ‘Analogues’, also sees Masayoshi deploying a whole new range of instruments – played by friends, but distinctively arranged by himself. Facebook event here, tickets here.

Sunday, 25 October – New Blood, 20:00, Project Arts Centre

Setting a new benchmark for dress codes (“If Rihanna and FKA Twigs had a strip club in the Matrix” – swoon), New Blood will be a mélange of theatre, music and general performance. Diamond Daggers, Maria Somerville and Evvol will be playing, with DJ sets from Junior Spesh, Sally Cinnamon and Greg Spring. Four rooms will be devoted to the “vampiric rave”, a ghetto nail bar and stripper poles. The evening is being curated by festival-and-events gurus Mary Nally of Drop Everything and John Leo Gillen of Electric Galway, a duo responsible for some of Ireland’s most innovative cultural experiences. Details here and here.

Evvol. Image Courtesy of Bram Stoker Festival.

Monday, 26 October – Liturgy, 20:00, Whelan’s

It’s easy getting caught up in what an absolute sap Hunter Hunt-Hendrix sounds like in interviews (his piece on transcendental metal in Vice is absolutely bonkers and highly recommended), but this should be worth it regardless. Whether treating their music as a re-imagined symphony or simply as an avalanche soundscape, Liturgy’s strength and momentum is undeniable. If swoony indie is more your buzz, there’s always Lower Dens. Facebook event here, details here.

Tuesday, 27 October – William McKeown, Cloud Cuckoo Land, Kerlin Gallery

Riveting and immersive, Cloud Cuckoo Land opened last Thursday, marking the fourth anniversary of McKeown’s passing. One side of the Kerlin’s interior is enveloped in vivid hand-printed wallpaper, punctuated with small, light-filled paintings. Facing this are McKeown’s fine drawings of wildflowers: buttercups, snowdrops, violets and poppies. Details here and here.

Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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