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Wednesday, 7 October – Dancing at Lughnasa, €15-€45, 19:30, Gaiety Theatre

Brian Friel’s most critically acclaimed play is back for the twenty-fifth anniversary of its premiere, this time under the direction of Annabelle Comyn. From short stories first appearing in the New Yorker and the Irish Press, the recently deceased Friel became a giant of Irish drama and shrewd observer of the country’s evolving cultural identity. Set over the Lughnasa harvest period in Donegal, August 1936, a reminiscing nephew tells the story of the five Mundy sisters and their brother Jack who returns home, fittingly, after twenty-five years. Unexpectedly desolate yet ultimately resilient, the story transmits Chekhov into rural Ireland and adopts dance as a means of release. More information here, and here.

Thursday, 8 October – Chris Martin, 18:00, The Douglas Hyde Gallery

Me and My Dog. Photo courtesy of Josh Noone.

Pushing boundaries in abstract painting since the 1980s, Brooklyn-based Chris Martin is known for his approach to subject through texture, bold use of material, and engagement with formalism and outsider art. He’s weathered half-finished paintings in the elements, and incorporated as well as repurposed everyday media. Psychedelia, pop culture and graffiti are the touchstones here. Crucially, not an exhibition from the Coldplay frontman. Details here.

Friday, 9 October – Me and My Dog / We Are Ruffians / Mollusk, 23:30, Whelan’s

Popical Island clan members Me and My Dog will be serving up buoyant indie, accompanied by self-proclaimed “slacker messes” We Are Ruffians, and Mollusk. Originally of a more doleful nature, as on their debut EP, Three Songs About Me and My Dog, their 2014 Delphi cassette released with Oh Boland shows that the surf rock Westport quartet of Luke Healy and company have got a definite spring in their step. Details here.

Saturday, 10 October – Skream / Omar S, €20, 23:00, District 8

Progressing from his early days as reigning grandaddy of dubstep and garage crossover, Skream has worked with Benga and Artwork via Magnetic Man, and has gone on to stray ever deeper into house and techno production. A good match at this stage, then, for Detroit-head Omar S, who emerged in 2001 at the minimal end of the Detroit gene pool. Frankie Grimes and Lee Kelly will be warming the stage. Details here, and here.

Sunday, 11 October – The Train, €20-€30, 18:30, Project Arts Centre

It’s no small wonder that we remain fascinated by this group of courageous women from the IWLM who transported contraceptives from Belfast in 1971, giving a two-fingers up to what was – and remains – a distressingly unequal society. In 1971, women in Ireland had to accept lower pay for the same work as men, and were still forced to abandon their jobs once they married. The politicisation of women’s reproductive rights remains a battle – every reminder of this is worthwhile. Not least, this musical, directed by Lynn Parker. Details here.

A still from Tana Bana. Photo courtesy of Irish Film Institute.

Monday, 12 October – Tana Bana, €10, 18:20, IFI

Tana Bana is the story of Muslim silk weavers living on the Ganges, in Varanasi, in close proximity to their Hindu neighbours. In the face of increasingly advanced, cheaper technologies, however, their businesses are closing down, and skills that have passed down through generations risk being lost. Pat Murphy lets the community speak for itself, telling its story as a day-in-the-life. Details here.

Tuesday, 13 October – Mark Guiliana Jazz Quartet / CEO Experiment, €17.99 20:00, Whelan’s

Drummer, producer and founder of Beat Music, Mark Guiliana is expanding an already impressive career with the launch of an acoustic jazz quartet, featuring Shai Maestro on piano, Chris Morrissey on bass and Jason Rigby on tenor saxophone. Guiliana has worked with Brad Mehldiau on Mehliana: Taming the Dragon and, last year, on Bowie’s single “Sue”. Jazz trio CEO Experiment to provide thoughtful opening atmospherics. Details here, and here.

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