By David Godbold

Wednesday, 30 September  Guts launch, 34 Lennox Street, 18:30

Guts is back with its fourth issue  “Kintsugi: Beauty in Brokenness”  inspired by the Japanese art of repairing pottery with powdered gold, thus celebrating its life and history. Explorations and celebrations of the dysfunctional will come from Una Mullally, Chewy Chewerson, Eoin Butler, Jonathan Creasy, Megan Nolan, Brian Herron, Roisin Agnew, Rosa Abbott and Seamas O Reilly. In honour of its Japanese theme, Sailor Moon herself will be launching the magazine. Facebook event here, Guts website here.

Thursday, 1 October  Library Project fourth anniversary, €5, 17:00

Library Project has played an important role in Temple Bar’s

cultural resurgence, and become a mini cultural epicentre. Angel Gonzalez’s thoughtful selection has both championed smaller Irish zines and promoted weird and beautiful international publications. A ticket to Library Project’s fourth birthday enters you into the book-and-print giveaway raffle. There’ll be music, video projections and nibbles on the night. Details here.

Friday, 2 October  Trade (Surgeon+Blawan)/Sunil Sharpe, District 8, €18, 23:00 

District 8 isn’t known for its accommodating atmosphere (how much of Dublin will they bar before it’s actually empty?), but this particular triumvirate is worth catching if you’re feeling starved for techno. Trade’s 2013 release may have lacked some focus, but Blawan’s own recent EPs are bewitchingly stripped back and thoughtfully progressive, and the addition of Sunil’s frenetic live show should keep things dramatic. Details here.

Saturday, 3 October  Laurel Halo (Live), Andras Fox and Aquarian, Yamamori Tengu, €12, 22:00

The Out to Lunch lads are on an absolute roll with their bookings, after August’s new-wave marathon of Veronica Vasika, Ellll, Mariah Black and co. Laurel Halo’s 2012 Quarantine put her vocals centre-stage, but neither it nor her more industrial 2013 follow-up leaves listeners prepared for the labyrinthine In Situ. Melbourne-based Andras Fox will be composing some warm-up new-age synth rhythms before we all go down the rabbit hole. Expect very good weird things. Details here.

Sunday, 4 October  Macbeth, IFI, €9, 13:20/15:50/18:15/20:40

What better celebration of Our Lord’s day than dream-team Michael Fassbender and Marion Cotillard ruthlessly annihilating anything standing between them and absolute power. Justin Kurzel (Snowtown) gives the stylish drama a delicious bleakness, and allows for a more nuanced portrayal of Lady Macbeth than is often seen. Details here.

Monday, 5 October  Pilgrim, Andrew Carson, Draíocht Arts Centre, Blanchardstown, 10:00-18:00

Developed as part of his residency, Pilgrim is inspired by the Arecibo Message of 1974, a sequence of binary radio frequencies produced by a scientific community led by Carl Sagan, and broadcast into space from Puerto Rico as Earth’s own intergalactic message in a bottle. Andrew created the installation out of his research into intercultural prayer and ritual, and the i

mpact of these on interaction and social structures. Facebook event here, Draíocht Arts Centre site here.

Tuesday, 6 October  David Godbold, More like living than life itself, Kerlin Gallery, 10:00-16:45

Previous MoMA resident David Godbold’s new body of work is full of historical and literary references, but with added captions, scribbles and colour washes that fragment meaning and leave viewers adrift. There are the same fine ink drawings, but a move has been made from visual representation to a more involved storytelling that questions as well as depicts. Facebook event here, Kerlin Gallery site here.

Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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