Image by Francis Quinn

Don’t Harangue the People
By Francis Quinn
Bic pen on cartridge paper, 20cm x 20cm

1. This work is about . . . It’s got an internal logic, with its own set of rules and hierarchy. It’s a bit balls-out crazy and zany in a cartoony kind of way.

2. I made this work because . . . I was bored in an office job and this is how I respond to that sort of enforced normality.

3. I hope when people see this work they will . . . Really take the time to see the physical relationships between the characters and how each character relates and responds to the world in which it is placed. I hope they appreciate the intricately drawn quality.

4. In terms of art history, this work . . . It has elements of surreality to it, a Boschian logic and the clean-line quality of Northern European print. But it’s quite contemporary because it is drawn on cartridge paper with a Bic pen.

5. You can see my work … at,,,,

Curios [sic] About is a series featuring works by Dublin artists, curated for us by our friends at the Square in the Circle blog, and hosted there as well as here at Dublin Inquirer. Each artist is asked to submit an image of one work and to answer a set of questions about it. We’d love it if you’d submit something you’ve made, and you can do so through this form

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