Wednesday, 9 September – Jello Fish & Guantanamo School of Medicine, Button Factory

Jello Biafra, the former Dead Kennedys vocalist, and his relentless live persona will carry the night. Prepare for a churning psyched-up session of Detroit punk and Jello’s trademark “spy-music-on-meth”.  Details here.

Thursday, 10 September – Object Piggy, Lir Theatre, tickets €14/€12 concession

Throw yourself in at the deep end with this year’s Dublin Fringe Festival. Object Piggy is an aural visual medley of fetishised hardware, combining aerial acrobatics with silk ropes, steel rings and hundreds of marbles. Emily Aoibheann of Paper Dolls presents her new circus troupe: Dying Breeds. Details here.

Friday, 11 September – Hen’s Teeth Prints Launch Party, Hang Tough Framing, 7 pm

Greg Spring and Russell Simons of This Greedy Pig – the design, music and culture blog and previous home of impeccably curated men’s clothing  are back with a new, polished online store, this one promoting Irish and international prints. Their launch will feature refreshments, tunes and affordable art. Details here.

Saturday, 12 September – Seomra Steve, Ford Nepal Charity, Barricade Inn, BYOB, €5, 6:30 pm

The Witch Trials headline the night with psych rock and jazz, fresh from KnockanStockan festival. They’re accompanied by psychedelic math-ska-post-rock outfit, Mustang Hobo, Gore Vidals and Figures of Fun. Expect lots of noise and feedback-drenched aural assault. All proceeds are headed to the Ford Nepal Charity, set up by the Nepali people, for the Nepali people. Details here.

Sunday, 13 September – Huddle Tests, Rhona Byrne, Temple Bar Gallery

Rhona Byrne uses installation, sculpture and wearable material (or “huddleware”) to explore social dynamics and anxieties, feelings of connection and isolation, of the public and private, of discomfort and comfort. This show was partially created during an artist-in-residency stint at Facebook HQ, and forms part of the Dublin Gallery Weekend. Details here.

Photo Courtesy of Tiger Dublin Fringe

Monday, 14 September – Conor O’Toole: A Retrospective, 1995-2015 Temple Bar Gallery

From toddlerhood to presenthood, stand-up performance man Conor O’Toole presents a guided tour through his artistic works of the past twenty years. Past triumphs include a song about a lighthouse (2011) and live excerpts from a David Attenborough-type nature documentary series: Conor O’Toole’s World of the Animal Kingdom (2015). Part of the Dublin Fringe Festival. Details here and here.

Tuesday, 15 September – Flemish Proverbs, Luncheonette (NCAD), 1 pm

Where are you having lunch on Tuesday? Is it cavernous and incongruously medieval? Are you going to be served by two characters from a Bruegel painting, arguing about beetroot? I didn’t think so. Performances by Moira Brady Averill, Isadora Epstein and James Moran, accompanied by a krumhorn (Michelle Russell) and accordion (Cal Folger Day). Part of the Dublin Fringe Festival. Details here and here.

Zoe Jellicoe

Zoë Jellicoe is co-founder of the Made It series. She tweets @geneva__diva

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