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While cracking down on some residents who put bike storage in their front gardens, the council installed its own

Dublin City Council installed covered, secure bike storage in the front garden of its Central Area Office on Seán MacDermott Street. It was put in sometime between September 2022 and March 2023, according to Google Street View. Meanwhile, the council has brought enforcement actions against the owners of two houses in Clontarf who put storage…

As the Dublin embassies of some European countries outsource Schengen visa services, non-EU immigrants find travelling there harder

When Lijie Shao’s academic pitch for an upcoming EU conference didn’t make the cut recently, she felt relieved. “I’m glad my proposal was rejected,” Shao said Friday. Going would have meant trying to get a Schengen visa, says Shao, an international language tutor at Dublin City University (DCU). And since last year, that has been…